Project Overview

Salary Dost


The fintech industry is booming, with many of the money-lending startups becoming a helping hand for fulfilling easy money requirements. Salary Dost is one of our brands from the startup studio kitty that is an ideal example of being a Saccha Dost during your financial needs.

Our Approach

We created a parent brand campaign wherein we spoke about Saccha-Dost Salary-Dost which worked well for the brand on social media as it was direct and hard-hitting. We used tried and tested methods for paid campaigns through small budgets that resulted in a decent amount of app downloading for the brand.

Saccha Dost,
Salary Dost

We identified the need to create a parent communication for the brand that can directly address the target audience. Hence, Saccha Dost Salary Dost was coined. Emotional, humorous, and factual routes were taken to strike a chord with customers just like a friend.

Performance Marketing

In order to promote app downloads, we executed performance campaigns through various channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Google Display, and Quora.


There were different ways of communication strategies made for brand recognition and brand recall that has been resulting us in more followers and wide reach.

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