Below-The-Line activities promote the product and escalate its popularity to stay ahead of the competition. The BTL marketing activities earlier revolved around trade shows, direct mail campaigns, catalogues, telemarketing, brand promotion activities, exhibitions, and free sampling. Using digitalisation, BTL activities have now come up with the box ideas with more focus on the target audience and SEO. Social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter are extensively used for this purpose.

Why Us?

Mo Mantra uses BTL activities along with digitalisation, and new empirical technology ideas for brand and event promotion. We help you gain more insights and, thereby, generate more sales. Let us, at Mo Mantra, tap your audiences in the most unconventional ways.

Our services include

Events and Activation

We will add an element of fun to your BTL activities. As thought by many, advertising is a serious concept; what if we combine it with games? While the target audience at an event has its focus on playing a game, they will quickly gulp down several marketing messages. Interactive and virtual reality games, along with old-school guessing games and many more, will draw customers in.

Trade Shows and Exhibitions

We will help organise trade shows to bring together members of the same industry on a single platform to exhibit, demonstrate, and discuss their new range of services and products. Trade shows and exhibitions can last for several days, making it an excellent marketing strategy for increasing interactions between the makers and their target customers. It is also helpful for networking with other industries.

OOH Innovation

Out-of-home activities, or OOH advertising, is visual advertising of any sort found outside of your home. They can be signboards, billboards, or ads printed on buses, trains, walls, benches, railway stations, airports, playgrounds, stadiums, and a horde of other places where hundreds and thousands easily see them. With Mo Mantra, OOH will be continuously innovated by displaying advertising across the outdoor urban environment on both digital and static panels.

Office Branding and Signage

Signage is the use of signs and symbols to communicate an advertising message to a specific target group for marketing purposes. Mo Mantra will encourage innovation with the use of electronic and digital displays. Office branding is the art of shaping the office space so that it reflects the office's personality and character. Mo Mantra will see to it that the creativity used by them in office branding helps to improve engagement in the office space.

Do you want to try BTL Marketing for your brand?

Please write to us today at contact@momantra.com and get in touch with our creative team to know more.