Founded 2014

And the journey started with a bunch of young enthusiastic minds.

100+ Brands

Worked on a wide range of brands from diverse sectors.


All that matters are results. Every month we prove that to each client.

ClientsLove Us

Mo Mantra proudly boasts an 87% client retention rate.


First things first,

we're super chilled out
to work with.

Music helps us think better and we can never do without that midday chai as we ideate and create. If that’s not all, we don’t mind if someone comes in wearing pyjamas and flip-flops with an orange scarf.

We’re really serious about our work.

You’ll literally find us working round the clock for a ‘hatke’ strategy.
On the other hand, you’ll enjoy the vibrant ideation sessions every other day with a cup of coffee for company.

Yep, that’s just how we are.