WHY AV Films
And Brand

The impact of audio-visual elements and jingles for creating brand identity on the psyche of the consumer and the marketeer is huge. Right from generating interest and creating impact, films and brand jingles can convert an indifferent audience to target customers.



of the consumers are interested in their favourite brand's video content

Up to

48 %

of the marketing professionals would instead use a video as a marketing tool



of marketers are satisfied with the ROI of video ads that are posted on social media.

Why Us?

We at Mo Mantra believe in letting the audience know how everything works in real life. We create videos using fun elements like graphics, animation, and easy-to-understand language and punch lines to capture the audience. We also undertake activities like video optimisation for online streaming and social plugins to enhance the customers' engagement. In short, we create visual magic on the screen that captivates the audience as well as generates more leads.


Concept Development

Mo Mantra immerses itself in the process of creating, editing, manipulating, and maintaining the content for providing knowledgeable inputs about the product or the brand to the users.

Short Films & Documentary

We believe in making short films or documentaries as they have the power to educate. They have an amazing and captivating style of sharing their story to the target audience. The marketers would like to invest in these films as they are more experimental and challenging, allowing them to shape a brand as they like.


Video advertising includes an online display of advertisements that have a video within them. We know that usually, 80% of the users can recall a video ad that they have seen in the past 30 days. Mo Mantra will make the video ads more attention-grabbing. They will have a perfect blend of the visuals and narrative for that perfect induction of your brand, showing off individual products or driving the audience to sales. Join us to fight digital noise and ensure your campaigns stand out from the crowd. But don't just take our word for it; take a look at our video's created by Mo Mantra

Editing & Post Production

Post-production editing is the most critical and final step towards creating a film. Mo Mantra is equally involved in both pre-production and post-production work that revolves around editing, which is done once the film shooting is over.

Brand Jingles & Anthems

We prepare jingles and anthems that are catchy, light-hearted, and unique enough to captivate the people and immediately make them love your brand. Around 89% of the customers believe that jingles are an effective method of advertising because they tell everything about the positive attributes associated with the brand image. We will do just that but in a more creative manner.

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